Fine Art | photography

People say photographs don't lie, mine do


Here you will find some photos from my fine-art collection. Often my images are made up of multiple layers combined into a composition. Do you - like me - find it annoying if at the end of the summer wasps eat fruit that you have intended for yourself. Scare away does not help and therefore we seek revenge. Killing insects is not that difficult for us humans. By enlarging it I want to make the viewer think about the value of all life.

In other pictures I try to show the adaptation capacity of nature to what man has changed. A lot of my work has to do with nature claiming its property back ...

Have fun exploring my thoughts and experience the world through my eyes.


Wasp splashed by thumb
Studio 2XP Boekel, Netherlands

5 prints on Dibond 135 X 90 vivid satin gallery look
5 prints on Dibond 90 X 60 vivid satin gallery look
5 prints on A3 hi quality matte archival paper

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